The standard design includes a counter-flow exchanger with an efficiency of up to 90 percent. As a standard, all HCP-units are provided with a full bypass, and they are fully wired, including re­gulation. The basic filters are G4 in the extract and F7 in the supply.

Design of HCP-units – units provided with high-efficiency counter-flow plate exchanger

The standard HCP-units include the following components:

•       Supply filter class F7
•       Extract filter class G4
•       High-efficiency seawater-proof aluminium counter-flow exchanger
•       High-efficiency EC technology ventilators, electronically controlled direct current engine
•       Fully integrated automatic

Constructions and options for the HCP-units with counter-flow plate exchanger

The HCP-units are available in eight constructions:

•       HCP standard: airflow from 800 to 16,800 m³/h
•       HCP S: slim design, fits through standard door opening, airflow from 800 to 3,600 m³/h
•       HCP V: unit with all connections on top, air flow from 800 to 3,200 m³/h
•       HCP C: flat unit for on the ceiling, airflow from 800 to 2,300 m³/h
•       HCP B: basic ventilation unit fixed construction, at a competitive price from 800 to 2,300 m³/h
•       HCP WM: ventilation unit as wall model, 600 and 800 m³/h
•       HCP HP: ventilation unit in an outdoor setting, complete with heat pump (maximum 50 kW)
•       HCP IC: standard series, air flow from 800 tot 16,800 m³/h including fully integrated cooling system